Linda teaches daylong, weekend, and week-long experiential workshops in personal growth, wellness, and meditation centers throughout the United States and Europe. 

Participants learn tools to reverse the impact of stress and trauma, return the nervous system to its baseline equilibrium, manage surges of powerful emotions, deepen the self-awareness and self-acceptance that restores an inner secure base of resilience, trust and connect with others in healthy, resonant relationships, strengthen the mindful awareness that allows seeing clearly what’s happening (and our reactions to what’s happening) discerning options and making wise choices. 

Linda Graham Seminar

Participants learn to use the basic processes of brain change to install new more flexible patterns of coping with life events, and to rewire old patterns that no longer work so well. And learn that they can.

What participants say:

Linda is so knowledgeable and well-prepared; the material is exciting and empowering; the exercises are effective.  Excellent workshop!  [M.U.]

This was a fantastic program – accessible, applicable, and very well presented.  [V.B.]

The tools are truly user friendly and will be easy to incorporate.  More than exceeded expectations.  [M.J.]

Linda was very skilled at holding all students in the space, keeping everyone engaged and staying with the topic. I learned so many great things and loved making connections with others.

Workshop Presentations

Slides of recent workshops


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