Waking Up, Alive

Waking Up, Alive

Recovering resilience brings us immediately and often through the most difficult of human experiences – loss, betrayal, despair – to the recovery of possibilities, choices, and hope.

Richard Heckler’s Waking Up, Alive is a deeply compassionate chronicle of that existential journey for those who have attempted suicide and, with hard work and perseverance, found their way back to choosing life, even finding meaning, purpose and joy in living, in relationships, and in contributing to the world again.

Waking Up, Alive received critical acclaim when it was first published 20 years ago:

“EXTRAORDINARY – Worthwhile reading both as a kind of survival epic and for the lessons it affords us all coping with the trials of daily life.” – Los Angeles Daily News

“ASTONISHING – It’s hard to imagine a hopeful or inspiring book on suicide until you begin reading the astonishing Waking Up, Alive.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“This is a wise and ultimately life-affirming work! These moving accounts, written with a great heart of compassion have a deeply healing effect on the ocean of human tears.” – Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart and A Lamp in the Darkness

“Turning toward suicide can be one of the starkest expressions of human suffering that exists. In this groundbreaking book we are guided into the hearts and minds of those who have descended into this hell realm, and emerged, able to re-choose life and communicate about the journey.” – Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

Waking Up, Alive was the first book to chronicle the journey of so many people through the emotional pain and isolation of the “suicidal trance,” through the moments of attempt, through the hard-won re-affirmation of living, of re-connecting, of recovering meaning and joy.

Waking Up, Alive is now being re-issued as an e-book. I’m deeply impressed with this extraordinarily warm, compassionate and fully engaging account of that trajectory of resilience and healing.

The book is not only helpful to medical and mental health professionals and to families and caring friends. It is deeply moving, engaging, and has literally saved lives. Told in the words of dozens of survivors/thrivers, the book offers a clear and accurate framework for understanding deep emotional suffering and the possibility of moving beyond that suffering.

As an e-book, we are just one click away from learning important lessons about resilience and impacting lives for the better. Please take a look at and deepen your own understanding of aliveness and wholeness.

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