Welcoming 2021 with a Bang… or a Whimper?

Welcoming 2021 with a Bang… or a Whimper?

Paraphrasing T.S. Eliot from his 1925 poem the Hollow Man, 2020 has ended “not with a bang but with a whimper.” Many of us are limping rather than leaping into 2021. No boisterous New Year’s Eve gatherings with friends at home or dining out. Whether out of prudence or paranoia, no travel (or cautious travel) to visit friends and relatives we haven’t seen in a year.

There is hope on the horizon: the new vaccines are being rolled out for the first tier of medical personnel. There will soon be a new administration in the White House to oversee the efforts of scientists to contain the coronavirus and resolve the pandemic. Even so, mourning the losses of people and connections, of jobs, of opportunities, of “normal” may continue for quite some time. 

We may have become wiser about the existential uncertainty of human existence, but we may also be weary.

On March 30, 2020, at the very beginning of last year’s shutdowns, I posted Shit happens. Shift happens. Resilience in the Face of Disruption, suggesting the Six C’s of Coping: Calm, Compassion, Clarity, Connection, Competence, and Courage to carry us through the catastrophe of the coronavirus. Those six C’s did carry me through 2020; still timely, still relevant, worth a review.

When I fractured my shoulder on December 1 this year, even though I was still coping fairly well with all of those six C’s, December was also a month that I dipped into many D’s: distress, dismay, disappointment, diminishment, disgruntlement. (A tangent: I do wonder why so many words that deal with difficulty and disaster in the English language begin with D – disillusionment, disenchantment, etc. And I am curious how I will investigate that.)

For now, I am closing my December “sabbatical sort of” as I had always intended, with reviewing and recommitting to the core values I want to live my life from. (Mind Mapping is an excellent tool for that) Naming my intentions for the new year out loud, and then identifying the choices I will make to “experience and body and express” those intentions. (Manifesting New Year Intentions.)

One of those choices already in the works is to create a new online course on Cultivating a Resilience Mindset. Not just how we bounce back to what we knew before, but how we bounce forward to create a new normal when the old normal has changed beyond recognition.

More soon. For now, please check out the updated resources for resilience right now…and for the long haul on the website.  And may continuing to “be grateful for everything that is going more than all right” guide you into the new year.