When Self Falls Away – Awakening to Our Essential Non-Dual Nature

When Self Falls Away – Awakening to Our Essential Non-Dual Nature

(This post is a direct pass-through from my esteemed colleague and friend Richard Miller. I know Richard and his work well; he is a renowned teacher because he is skillful and his teachings truly transformative.)


I invite you to join renowned spiritual teacher Richard Miller for an in-depth three-part online course, When Self Falls Away. You will experience an in-depth journey into the subtle realms of self & non-self and the path of awakening and enlightenment. Richard discusses how neuroscience informs our understanding of awakening and how to integrate that enlightenment into all aspects of daily life.

• Learn approaches and meditations that support deep understanding, insight, and integration.
1. The various steps that unfold as you tread the path of meditation

2. Stages that occur as your sense of self and separation thins out and falls away

3. How to integrate the awakened disposition into all aspects of your daily life

•Access the course online anytime and view as many times as you wish.
*Receive as a bonus four audio meditations with Richard Miller

What you will get from this course

  • Over 17 lectures and 3 hours of content.
  • Learn Foundational iRest® Meditation practices to proactively welcome your sensations, emotions and thoughts so that your attention can be free for the deeper inquiries of self-realization.
  • Learn how neuroscience is informing our understanding of meditation.
  • Recognize the ego-I (self) as a process, not an identity.
  • Self-inquiry for releasing your identification as a separate self.
  • Being as a portal for realizing your non-separate interconnectedness with all of life.
  • Recognize the difference between being, awareness, and what lies beyond.
  • Identify the distinction between self and non-self.
  • Recognize subtle aspects of self that obstruct awakening.
  • Learn core practices that support awakening and enlightenment.
  • Explore how awakening unfolds naturally into enlightenment.
  • Understand the nature of enlightenment as the embodiment of awakening into daily life.
  • Realize true motivation that gives rise to 24-7-365 engagement with awakening.

This three-hour, three-part course is now open for registration. As a special offer if you register by November 18, you will be eligible to participate in a live webinar with Richard Miller (date TBA).

Click here for a lovely introductory video, more information and to register.

You may also wish to visit Richard’s website to learn more about Richard’s trainings.

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